Civil Engineering

Marks Engineering, PC offers a range of Civil Engineering services. Civil Engineering is the design & construction of the built environment. We will help you plan & build your dreams. We start by offering you just general free advice on the overall feasibility and scope of your project. We finish by developing precise design and specifications that you can build on. Through every step of your project we will provide an engineer’s estimate so you can maintain your budget. Some of our services include:

• Site Selection/Evaluation
• Planning Board Assistance
• Site Layout
• Grading & Utility Design
• Storm Water Management
• SPDES Compliance
• Subdivision Planning & Approval

• Building Design and Analysis
• Foundation and Structural design
• Building Restoration Planning
• Code Compliance

• Treatment, Storage, & Distribution

• Collection
• Conveyance
• On-site Treatment
• Sewer Rehabilitation
• Septic Systems

• Conveyance
• Stormwater Management Facilities & Practices
• SWPPP Inspections
• Drainage Studies

• Pavement Analysis
• Roadway & Street Design
• Parking Lot & Traffic Analysis

• Construction Inspection/Observation
• Stormwater Inspections