Engineering & Management

Marks Engineering, PC has years of experience providing project team management. Let us engineer your next deal. There are strategic advantages to each type of project delivery method whether it is design-build, bid-build, partnerships, or CM at risk. Navigating through a construction project can be very difficult and in fact over 37% of construction projects end in some type of litigation. With our construction experience we can also provide design services for construction activities.

• Request for Qualifications
• Request for Proposals
• Contract Administration
• Contract Management
• Budgeting
• Scheduling
• Cost Estimating
• Bid Letting & Tabulation
• Risk Management

• Construction Observation
• Analysis and Management material testing and special inspections

• Coordination & Project Team Meetings
• Dispute resolution
• BIM Modeling & Coordination
• BIM Implementation Planning
• 5D Construction Modeling

• Shoring & Jacking
• Restoration plans and procedures
• Forensic Engineering
• Staging Plans
• Crane Pads & Plans
• Demolition and Erection Plans
• Value Engineering
• Construct-ability Plan Review
• Temporary Structure and service design
• GPS and machine control
• Health and Safety Plans
• Shop Drawings Preparation